I have poor taste in subject matter

I have disallowed myself to write any new poems until everyone in the multiverse reads all of my old and as-yet-unpublished bunkum.

Superduper Very Lots

(she'll get over it if I change the subject)

Tyle dryhumps an obelisk of Michelobs,
smeared with door light from Beale's fridge,
but no one will call him a homosexual.
We trust his thirst to the fainting point.

(i bought her these infamous headphones)

Kill's girl was just up here for him:
she had a ratchet set and a CD. Things
need to be firmed and heard. Men with
aviator glasses couldn't put it better.

(she was never awkward under dock gulls)

Case is drunk, running round in boxer shorts
and a Santa hat. We've arranged this
homecoming party: a pedestal's involved.
I'm always between saviors and Slurpees.

(i once thought she was better than cereal)

I pass out in the shower stall with a
me phone and the confidence that next to
me someone is wearing a tutu and around
me people are expecting superduper very lots.

(like anything, we are small and rarely upright)


Gelsinger said...

This poem gives me a feeling. Like you're a real person. You have this whole life I don't know about, and it makes me sad.

Mike Young said...

Cool, Eric, wow, that's good. That's really honest and thank you. Most people just say "stop using cool words to talk about stupid shit." Seriously, that's what most people say. I want to publish this somewhere. I want people my age to read it.

Thank you for commenting.

Where are your new poems?

Are they on the workshop page?

I just posted a whole gaggle (clan? murder?) of new shorties. You should do the point-out-liked- ones thing again.

Again, thank you. =)

Bryan said...

i think i might be one of the people who say "stop using cool words to talk about stupid shit" am i? if i am you should just say "bryan says stop using cool words to talk about stupid shit." that would be more honest. or are you talking about kasey? because he pretty much hated this poem remember? that was a bad day for you.

that was a bad day for the world.

roads abruptly stopped. it rained.

Mike Young said...

Kasey and lots of other people agreed with him. But Kasey doesn't actively hate me, where as those other people do.

Rain stopped and roads turned into rain.