I'm not a judge of suitable

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Several Years Since Darin Quit Smoking

We shush out after dinner to put gas
in the old Ranger for next week's trip.

Candy bars -- but they wreck my stomach.
Who keeps at this amazing Christmas

crud. Electric icicles, dancing candles?
Santa inflates and someone whistles,

which implies somewhere else
a faint shrug or frayed pillowcase.

Why does every big white truck
care that I drive twenty-five

home, past dog castles, decrepit
sirens, boxes from epic ez-chairs.

I don't much care for television,
despite its swim around my scalp,

and I'm driving for a little now
again. We've got gas. I forget that --


Bryan said...

i am testing to see if your blog will let me comment

Jess said...

I like this, especially the first half. You lose me a little at the white truck bit and again at the television.

"Arturo I Love You Get Up" is my favorite out of the set so far.

zippo said...

he thinks he sees the killer's face

Bryan said...

this blog should have more poems MIKE. it is a POEM BLOG. you should PUT MORE POEMS HERE. since you BITCH about how POEM BLOGS should have MORE POEMS.

(note: i used capital letters for emphasis. just clarifying. :))

Mike Young said...

You're right, of course. But the point is I took out my silly commentary.