The Oregon Poet Laureate

He's a nice guy, but he's making us write haikus. For Christ's sake. Somebody's gonna Google this and slap me for disrespecting my elders and betters. But dude: haikus. These aren't haikus, senryus or tankas in any serious history of those forms, except in Basho's mundane advice to circumvent the rules or whatever. Some are hybrids and all are dumb. But yeah, yeah, disposable poems, etc.


Local carnival ride:
feet brush Wal-Mart,
pat down the moon.


Two trash bags
in the backseat --
stolen apples.


I dropped his ugly raincoat
in a drainage ditch,
and my father sighed.


Old friend with a bad tooth.
I cover my bright wrists.
Please: let me know less.


Bus back from the hospital.
I had a brother once,
for seven months.


Cinnamon rolls
are good cold?
Well. Well, alright.


Hot seventh grader
done square dancing.
One for the road!


Only ugly girls
know ten dollar words.
Sexist conundrum.


Cabin for sale
and redwood fog.
Our pancakes giggle.


If a dinosaur swallowed
the skating rink,
I would still hold your hand.


Eric Gelsinger said...

I really really like the first two lines of carnival ride/feet brush the Wall Mart. That's amazing.

Hot seventh grader one for the road is a laughing classic.

I like brother for 7 months but don't pull that shit if it's not true, it's too sad. Have you read the Heaney Poem four foot box, a foot for every year?

The cinnamon rolls one was pretty good.

Those are my favorites tonight.

Mike Young said...

It's true, don't worry. :/ I remember reading that Heaney poem yes. I first discovered Heaney through audio recordings on the internet, him reading the "when all the elders were away at mass / she was all mine as we peeled potatoes" or however it goes. I still like it.

Thanks for the love and thanks for the link. =)

jess rowan said...

Haiku on, Mike. I like these. The last is by far my favorite - it makes me feel fourteen and silly and safe.