Up to Bat Against It All

We shall sully forth to stare at carpets and wet wrists.
Note: that line requires an English accent.

So, instead, I took her to see a whale eat itself.
He used capital letters and spectacle cheese.

Afterwards, naked, her ear acquired expectations
heavy as "do you like my mother's homemade x?"

Here is the shame of it: I don't say anything.
My throat lilies are illkempt enough
to depress my mother's tennis hats, and
my every hose will fail to stripmine cliffs.

As the whale kept right on and on,
a blanket strung itself behind my teeth,
so to talk through it I needed a flashlight
and a children's book, something overly sly.

im sorry im stupid and churlish
I later told her in an email.

Jesus, she thinks, now with the right words.
And Jesus says hellz yeah, that fucker. more mustard?

It's just like me to grope for the stage door.

My tennis team required I acquire certain skills
before I tried to beat the German blonde.
Instead I took him to drop shots and bad calls.

Meaning: he said out! and I said whale!
He said what? and I said milky things sifting
water-rocked. Water-rocked? Water-rocked.

Really, I drove home half-drunk, in complete
control of the song selection.
I stared at swingsets.


Bryan Coffelt said...

i like this poem. it's different for you.

Bryan Coffelt said...

it's a bit disjointed though. i'm not sure if you were going for a 'new sentence' approach or what...

Mike Young said...

I don't know that I was going for anything other than trying to disguise the narrative so thoroughly that it turns inside out. Because you can never get rid of the narrative.

Remember those Pop-Tart commercials? So hot it's cold? Yeah. So narrative-based, etc.

So I guess, yes, I was "going for something." If by going for something you mean going for something.


Bryan Coffelt said...

yeah i guess i shouldn't have phrased it that way.

do you still love me?