Waking up in a drawer where someone has spilled a bag of M&Ms

One More for the Sunday Cab

Home is where you don't own the right-of-way.

I stole my cues from all the pretty songs --
but friends will handle you like a board game,
a novelty for rusty afternoons.

My thrift store cowboy shirt balled in a taco bag,
a song like go on, come on, hide from the shade.

Home: I'm coming back to Benny's crawlspace?
His Jewish father squishing in the kitchen.
Too many jokes I wanted to hug.

Let the soccerballs drip from the schoolbus.
I got catgut burns on my fingernails
to scrape what the train brushes,

another song for the Mars bar,
for the meat barn. Gone train, flat
Willie with his clown shoe hair.

Simple misses, simple override.
She can't get her dog to pose.

Volkswagon bus crimped in the sycamore
basketball pole like a watermelon salad.

Ira owned his basketball like a hot moon.

Now: no stairs left for me or undone belts.
Why not me inside the slow car?

No more stories of Taco Bell? Jesus.


Maurice Burford said...

i love the way you describe going home in this poem. at least that's what i pulled from it. you captured the dullness and frustration of living in a place "where you don't own the right of way"

i wish my poetry was as vivid and alive as yours. ;)

Bryan Coffelt said...

i like 'home is where you don't own the right of way' i wonder why i like that line so much. it's very familiar. very familiar indeed........................................

Mike Young said...

Thank you for your kindness, Alex. I'm glad I made you smile. :)

Bryan, I had that line kicking around in my head when I wrote it into our other poem, yes. Also: you smell like poo.

Eric Gelsinger said...

Until recently, I lived one half block from the Mars Bar. Is that the Mars Bar you're talking about? A bartender there knows Heather Holiday".

I pulled a 36 inch steel sword out of her throat once.

Mike Young said...

That's a cool sword swallowing story, Eric. Someone just submitted a poem about sword swallowing to NOÖ.

I was talking about the candy bar, actually.

Bryan Coffelt said...

oh yeah that's right. my bad. for some reason i thought that was my contribution. i r dum.