What is this strange land of fruit and fruit related shillings?

I like the conversation and love of poets pushing poetry into pOeTrEEE or other new forms thereof.

But I seem to write and craft poems everyone could (rightly?) call mundane and SoQish and full of hatred for the Grander Experiments.

I don't understand it. Somebody remedy or shoot me. Or tell me to give up and just write fiction.


Tao Lin said...

i don't know

Bryan said...

it's okay mike. i remain faithful.

Bryan said...

as an act of solidarity here is an asterisk


Gelsinger said...

The best poems are not intentional experiments.

School of Quietude or whatever is an epithet spit by bitter failures.

Look at Dancing in Odessa as an example of the most beautiful poetry written today.

Mike Young said...

Agreed on yr first two assertions. But I'm pretty sure there's some merit in the insult whatever its origins.

I've read Dancing in Odessa; agreed that it stirs, agreed on its beauty. What about The Great Fires by Jack Gilbert? I know he's not very obscure. But TGF impresses me a lot, maybe especially in context. To swim through Spicer's workshops and the precipice of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E and end up with that. And even beyond local histories, some of his lines are just wow.