dandy wa-wa

Ashley Yells the Once and Future Fuck You

Ricky's brother Ashley in the window,
dirged as an old woman of soup sleeves,
shouting ignoble our baseball and Kool-Aid.

She was a slut, he was less than a
corn can -- me with my gloves and
friends too lotionclad for the laundromat.

Sorry, I'm sorry, I'm pocked where
my baby teeth left. Ricky's brother lost
in a room of galloping angel denim smocks.

I'll go back to build the doughnut store
I promised this one chick. Ricky now plops
her head down in her bowl of mothball stew.

Kids won't know, God knows, give me a streamer.

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The Anorexic Museum said...

"There'd been no sense of crisis until now." p. 75.