Everybody respond to my last two poems with quotes from White Noise (the Delillo, not the Keaton) concerning nostalgia.

Poetry should not service reconstruction, it should service construction, the construction of imagickation.

This renders at least one entire form -- the lament -- irrelevant. Also, whales are dumb.



katy said...

what makes you say whales are dumb? are people dumb for drowning? (some are, yes, but on a whole, we are not a dumb species; reverse logic to reciprocate whales appropriotly.)

or did you want me to discuss white noise and poetry as a service to reconstruction, as in it isn't?

Mike Young said...


More people should comment on the poems that happen to appear on this blog, which under some theories of ownership might christen itself or feel itself christened mine.

Thesis tweak: whales are small.

Bryan said...


whales are small compared to what?

which is bigger: whales or poems? why?

that's a better question.

Mike Young said...

Whales are clearly bigger. Whales are like the biggest mammal in the world. You're stupid.

J. Patrick Fadely said...

poems about whales, though, can be bigger than the whales themselves. because every part of a whale has a really long latin name. you fucking jackass.
i'm out of here.

J. Patrick Fadely said...

but not before i tell you that I am the biggest mammal in the world, except that I'm half bird, which disqualifies me.

Mike Young said...

You're right, man. You should write a poem about whales and it will negate everything. Your whale poem shall summon forth a practical demonstration of antimatter and anticarnies. Carnies with beards, though.

J. Patrick Fadely said...

mike i heart u.

Bryan said...

i insist on remaining part of this conversation.


theseus said...

Tim Earley told me that you were like a god among men, and now he know that he spoke the truth.

theseus said...

And White Noise kicks ass,
I just talked a customer into buying it the other day in the bookstore where I work.

Mike Young said...

Wow, that's cool to hear, thankee. I like your sentences. I like these:

"We sat and talked for hours, and at the end, as I was leaving, I introduced myself."

"What turns you on takes you down."

"He said high heels, she said red noses, they went on."

Everyone read Chall's sentences: http://sentencepatterns.blogspot.com/

I don't know Tim, really. I have read his poems in places like Typo and Diagram and enjoyed many of them. If he says nice things about me then he's cool. Here's his blog, sort of: http://timearley.blogspot.com/

Mike Young said...

And I superduper like Tim's poems here.

theseus said...

Tim is my favorite person to meet in an empty bar at 3:00 in the afternoon and drink and talk about poetry.

Anonymous said...

Tim is my favorite person to meet in an empty bar at 3:00 in the afternoon and drink and talk about poetry.


Bryan said...

here i am, conversing.

P. H. M. said...

Whales are big and dumb. Poetry is hit or miss, much like a whale trying to squeeze down the alley behind borders. Where is NOO Four? This business of skipping e-mail class for days has to cease.