in the bathtub with a french accent

What's going on these days with fizzpo? Friends are writing short, sly fluff pieces about why their friends' poetry is fizzpo.

Check it out here.

What is fizzpo?

And some more clever fizzpo rules.


Ledbelly said...

hey mike, its kyle, this is my blog, i'm just starting it, so its a bit rough, and... also- i cant spell. but check it out, www.yellowledbelly.blogspot.com

Mike Young said...

Holy cowbell: that's a lot of honest and beautiful music, Kyle.

Ryan Adams bootlegs are like licking blackberry stains off your front teeth in the middle of an August rain.

I linked you.

You look sort of angry and pinched in yr picture.

You would like Frank Stanford.

Read Frank Stanford, James Dickey, Jake Adam York. Those are poets. You would like Barry Hannah. He's a fiction writer, but he's also a poet, a poet with a split open belly and a crass set of tears.

Ledbelly said...

wow, how bizzzzzarrrrrei

Bryan said...

mike, what is a holy cowbell?

please elaborate.

also, when you elaborate, use allusions.


Willie Z said...

In my book, a holy cowbell is any cowbell that induces a fever.

Ooh, allusive?

Mike Young said...

Willie, I want to see your book. I want to pass it in concentric semicircles over my quivery and light-flanged brow.

I want to eat your book in a nice salad.

I want to join your book in the merry old dance of the islands with the facepaint with the jeeble-jeeble with the elbows all a-tinkle with carob root (a mouth full of the split asunder, the spit and plunder!)

Someone out my window wants your book to love on them.

Someone in your book doth reckon California's headed for the sinkuh.

K.E. Holland said...

Neighbors, eh? Random. When do you guys start moving in?

About Chris...I don't think I've ever quite had the experience of being highly amused and highly uncomfortable at the same time before. It is the cloak...and the fact that he was sitting in the middle of the room.

Unfortunately I'm not knowledgable enough about Radiohead to know who their producer is. Nigel sounds right, but I could be misktaken For that level of specificity you'd want my former roommate. I just listen to them. :)

Mike Young said...

"I don't think I've ever quite had the experience of being highly amused and highly uncomfortable at the same time before."

Totally. =)

We're gonna start moving in next week.