NOÖ Journal [four] is out!!

Update: Everyone trundle on over to NOÖ Journal to check out [four]! Just released! Hot and steamy!

Now, rain:

"It's raining? Is it warm rain? My phone told me it was warm rain."

This Oregon swamprain is crazy right now. You have to see it.

When I read about things I've never seen -- a poem about a Montana train station -- I will picture it as something I once saw on TV / a movie. Even if I don't remember the specific scene, I can tell that media recall is what's going down. Is my imagination limp and squalid?

Does this happen to anyone else? Please help me out. I feel so cold.


A.S. Galvan said...

Yay, something else to distract me from writing this damn paper.

Rain was pretty weird today. I love warm rain though, it feels great. It should happen more. I never got warm rain in Portland.

Do you mean that when you try to picture things that you picture somebody else's picture of what you think the thing looks like?


Mike Young said...

No, not really, just that instead of somehow making it up, I picture something I've already seen.

A.S. Galvan said...


Well that's far less complicated than I originally made it out to be.

Maybe this means it is time to see more things? Blah blah blah...

(psychiatric help $5)

(and yes I know it's supposed to be cents but damnit we have to adjust for inflation)

Mike Young said...

Hehe. :P I mean: when people read Bret Harte stories about the wild west, how did their imagination work? My imagination works thanks to television and movies and computer games. Thanks to buckets and buckets of visual references. Where did people used to get this sort of stuff?