I want a little Kasey Mohammad doll whose string I can pull, whereupon he would deliver quotes like this (gleefully out of context):

"... the language, however 'poetically' elevated it is or isn’t, is carefully calibrated to accommodate that reality ..."

Yep. With the dangling "that" and everything.

Just to assauge fears that I am sucking up to Kasey: his breath smells. His breath smells like dead penguins on a bus.


Unknown said...

Oh yeah?

Well, your ... your ... your hair is dirty.

So there.

Bryan Coffelt said...



Mike Young said...

*sobs and shaves head*

*reflects on how much now looks like Demi Moore from G.I. Jane*

*reflects on how much still doesn't look like Demi Moore from G.I. Jane and is a little sad*