looking for how to spend $3?

Observable Readings, a free reading series which in October will host the impeccably dressed and usually beer-clad François Luong, needs yr good will. For every dollar you PayPal them, the St. Louis Regional Arts Commission will give them another dollar.


NOÖ Journal will soon print its super-hurrah fifth issue -- sometime in early September, prolly -- and we're free too, giving away 32 honey soaked pages of goodness to rural readers throughout Northern California and Southern Oregon*. Funds come from our pockets and a thimble full of beautiful donations. If you want to support us, donate a paltry $2 and get a bad poem, so we can keep printing good poetry for free.

If you don't believe in "bad" and "good," relax: neither do we. Think of it as a giant joke, think of it as you giving us $2 pweese.

If you don't believe in money: shit. Shit. I guess we're up a creek.

K. Silem Mohammad, Tao Lin and Bryan Coffelt are all on deck to write you some deliberately awful poems.

Pluck $3 from yr July paychecks? Pweese?

*They aren't actually slathered with honey. That would be kind of combative.


François said...

Yes, I am indeed constantly clad in delicious beer (usually Guinness, although I do not mind the occasional Lone Star, Dos Equis or Boddington).

A.S. Galvan said...


Funds for bad poems inc shortly.


p.s. Where do you guys print from? Been trying to research places myself.

Mike Young said...

Marrakech Express. If you want to do a perfectbound something, Main Street Rag is a good deal.

I don't know much about it all though. There are tons of indie presses, but most are only publishers, not printing houses that will do whatever you want.

Of course, if you're talking about a small-run something, POD is the best way to go.