new elimae

If you're hot, you're on elimae. Not that I'm a facist or anything.

The new July elimae has poems from my friends Bryan Coffelt and Paul Madore, and a story from Nick Antosca (who I think is my friend, though he has yet to submit something new to NOÖ *hint hint, Nick, after you see this through checking your blog stats*)

It also has work from fine folks like Brian Beatty, Matt Bell, Claudia Smith, Tomi Shaw, Antonio Maltezos and Toshiya Kamei (translating Fernando Iwasaki). And everyone else too. Elimae is so lovely it makes your hands smell better.


Tao Lin said...

why aren't you on elimae?

Mike Young said...

I'm not hot.

(I didn't send him anything, also)

(I just sent him some stuff, so maybe I will be in the next elimae if he likes it)

I am in elimae here.