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It's Sunday, which means this blog will turn into an indie pop MP3 blog for no good reason at all.

The Little Ones
"And the answer of the day / is you've made it"

Any small bald man can outfit your day with the latest in paranoia. But The Little Ones will apologize and chime and tom-tom and press several keys over and over again until they are playing your nervous system. If your nervous system is a fridge that stocks macadamia nuts and once let Voxtrot spend the night after their stint as a Village Green Preservation Society tribute band. These songs are like what comes after "Sorry, you're right, that scheme was fucked up. Far too frazzled."

Download please my babies:

Lovers Who Uncover
Cha Cha Cha
High On a Hill

The Channels
"I can't imagine / how much it killed / to pop a blood blister / under your nail with a power drill"

No, not the Channel, but more than one, not like a fat Austrian who eats rivers, but more like wispy ADD. Maybe a skinny Austrian with a terrific metabolism and the cravings of a pregnant twelve-year old: yes, Weird Al with a side of Pavement, oh oh those high fuzz organs, crunch amps over autumn vocals, trumpets and lizardfish skulls, that Cleveland Indians movie but with dreadlocks, I am full, I am full! -- make the girl sing ooe-ooe-oo; o she is so allowed to be so cocky. This is the band of goofs afraid to stare too hard at the xylophone lest the glee should crack.

Download youz patooties:

Moon Song
Couldn't Be Worse

From Neiles' Life MP3 blog

Lizardfish Skull
Baby You Make My Heart Sing
Leningrad Song

PS: Scuttle yr spectacles and check out the August edition of Ruby Mag, a great online art zine.

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