from a decree, i sowed in yr burning coals

Two new poems: one containing an image that will re"appear" ("occur" might be giving myself too much credit) forever in my shit (but reoccur recursively?! that would be something!) and one in which I have no idea whom I'm trying to accuse.

Is it gauche to post two poems at once? Also, is there a nifty word that means 'to see through'? Sorry for all this work! I know, lazy-puff, it's summer. Finkle me a dinkle. Go shave an asteroid.

Headlight Hollow

    Sunset trawls
a hollowed head-
light, finds the
  fine     dust, this
  loose       silk

One Last Note or Two or Wet

Thunder scoots against the riffs
that eke from such a dimebag balcony.

    He plays to prove his t-shirt,
    its logash logo of The Doors.

      In his family, things are assumed fucked
      when you spring for the pre-slated motorcycle.

But he tried and couldn't swing a cut & paste account
of "first in the family to graduate x" --

not a neat forked choice, just a skylark plunge
for "volunteer jawbones on the Reception Battalion bus" :

      comparing pink-tubed and cornpoke routes
      against his hopalong mytholojerk,

      a clank heart and that later go! crokd fingr
      trigger flang scuzz thud finger but oh now just

skin that bathed in the kitchen sink (no flowers
near the shower knob, nickel hussy Mazda gurgle --)

    He has seen Val Kilmer fake peyote bolstered cum
    and dreamed to jump hard from his own face,

is worried now about a fumbled twang,
losing sweet ass riff shit to wet strings

kinked and fried (what is it five seconds)
by a rain that you can lean from or let spread.

    He tries to keep the guitar under the roof slats
    and knees the amp against his goof flesh.


Bryan said...

i think the spaces in the first poem work.

i don't think the next poem needs to look like a river or whatever.

"a clank heart and that later go! crokd fingr
trigger flang scuzz thud finger but oh now just"

i don't know what that is all about. it's like your poem develops unnecessary tourettes in the middle. i will think more about this poem and write more about this poem.

Mike Young said...

I get bored with the columnar. But you're prolly right.

I am trying new things with the tourettes area. I get bored with sentences.

Chuck said...

Mike, do you ever run into a problem publishing your poems on your blog? I mean, the problem being that when you go to get them published online or in a brick-and-mortar journal, they check out your blog and notice, Hey, it's already been published! and decide to pass? OR: do you simply decide that the poems you publish on your blog and the ones you publish online and in print will be two different realms of existence?

I'm having a moral crisis!

Mike Young said...

Most journals don't count personal blogs as publications, Chuck. Those that do will generally notify you that they can't accept your work because it's been published elsewhere, and then you say where? and they say on yr blog, and you say oh -- would you have published it if it hadn't been on my blog? and they say no, no probably no, are you James Tate or Bob Hicock? and you say no, and they oh, okay, then, no, definitely not mr. crappy blogger poet and you cry. And cry.

Those that don't notify you of a rejection based on blog publication have pretty scummy morals, and you should eject such journals from your consideration cockpit.

Bryan said...


i struggle with that too. usually when i get something published i take it down from my blog and link it or something as a courtesy (though i've never been asked to do so).

i'm sure if i get something published in the new yorker it will be different. the new yorker hasn't contacted me yet, but i'm sure they're too afraid to ask me if they can publish one of my poems/stories.

(new yorker: if you're reading this, i will probably let you publish SOMETHING if you ask nice.)

Bryan said...


don't get bored with sentences. they have been instituted for a reason. how dare you go against the grain. long live sentences!

mike, i'm seriously begging you. you don't know WHAT THEY WILL DO TO YOU if you keep up with this fizz bang smoosh nonsense.


Mike Young said...

Yeah, linking it is always a smart move. Just go with the common sense stirfry of good graces.