i would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy

I have a new story, "Summer Peaches Versus Pocket Holes," up in StoryGlossia, a sweet online mag run by Steven McDermott, who loves to read short stories like us poor folk love to grill Kraft singles.

I have been spending most of my time watching Tom Waits videos on YouTube and shivering upon the sight of my bloated email inbox.

But I am also tutoring and working and eating pasta and broiling red peppers.

Once I built a bridge that spanned the gash of human indecency.

NOÖ [five] coming in a month or so.

P.S. New stuff from me, Tao Lin, P.H. Madore, Brian Beatty, Shya Scanlon, Benjamin Buchholz, other succulent flesh-morsels -- all over at the August elzimater-whatwhat.


Bryan Coffelt said...

1. if you have time to sit around and watch tom waits videos on youtube you are not poor.

2. you don't even like american cheese. (at least i hope not because i sure fucking don't, and i don't want to look at that shit in our fridge)

3. you didn't build any bridge. saying so contradicts your first statement re: tom waits vids.

Mike Young said...

Bryan has discovered the inconsistencies in my post!

But will he discover the reward for his effort that is also secretly woven into the post?

The world awaits the answer!

Mike Young said...

Also, world, please note the consistency with which I post nice comments on Bryan's blog, like about which of his poems I enjoy, and the consistency with which Bryan uses his comments to insult me and make me feel bad.

We are carefully composing a sustained theme for future biographers. It's glorious.

Bryan Coffelt said...


after i pointed out the inconsistencies in your post, i was filled with a warm plastic-like substance! that was my reward!

dear world: please note that i drew the picture of mike, and thus i own him and have the copyright to his face. thus, i am able to make pointed remarks on this blog. thanks world, keep up the good work.

CLAY BANES said...


got the NOÖ journal. hella good.


Mike Young said...

Sweet beans, Clay! Glad you like it.

Anonymous said...

I'm a couple of weeks late to your story and to the new Storyglossia, but perhaps you'll forgive me if I tell you I really enjoyed Bobby and Alma and the two sisters, even while crammed into that tiny apartment with them. Thanks for sharing the experience.