While not writing honest-to-whole-milk "rants" (see below), I am working on an e-poem/hypertext toy inspired by Robert Grenier's Sentences, mantra poems of take-your-pick Beat-floosies, the testimony of my own silly discrimination, and a certain internet boredom site.

It was boring and stupid until the last idea.

Now it has a wowzer-dowzer "format" trick.

And splashy language.

I don't know if I will just host it myself or ask others if they want to host it. Hosting it myself is like a "vanity publication," and Lord knows I digz me some validation from the Other, but it's probably boring and stupid and I'm nobody, so who would want to host it?


Alex said...

please bring back open mic nights Mike.

you can save it,people rally behind your flag or, at least Bryan and I do.

what else am i going to do on wednesdays? drink?

Anonymous said...

Mike --

Keep me posted on the Grenier-esque project! I love that dude and imagine a riff on Sentences -- coming from one as sharp as yrself -- would be a really interesting project.


Mike Young said...

Thanks, Joe, I will keep you in the loop. And I owe you an email, which should go out todayzers.

Alex: the open-mic nights shall stay alive! The other thing I was talking about with Jess and the local poets, that's just an add-on, not a replacement. I just wanted to use the word "hijack." 'S a charming word.