r u gonna find a new boy to spoon????

Kasey, I know you'll get a kick out of this: two new songs from Herman Düne, your second-favorite HD, courtesy of Songs: Illinois (and a little hyperbole, but hey):

Get new HD songs

In other news: my friend Jordaan Mason is making a chapbook of his prose and poetry. You will want to get it. I owe him a copy of my handmade chapbook, blue wheels and handshakes. The cover is BLUE. Kasey Mohammad, Joe Massey, and Bryan Coffelt all have copies and keep them to sneeze on and stuff.

If you want one, let me know and I will try to make you one before we're overrun by space gerbils. I will mail it to you for free, but you can PayPal me postage at mrgoldsoft@hotmail.com if you so dig.

For being a DIY indie-kid, I have a dastardly time with meat-and-potatoes DIY stuff like stapling or taping. If the modern publishing rackets crumple, and we return to an arena of DIY media that demands some actual skill in one's self-presentation, the avatar named Mike Young is pretty much fucked. Computers, computers I can ice. Staples? Awful. Like a volcano trying to play cricket.

Letitia Trent sent me a chapbook, which I have neglected to thank her for or mention anywhere. It was cool and had poems culled from Readers' Digest pages. I think she is sending them out for free if you want one. Here's her MySpace. It has music from Ladytron!

Um, let's see. Everything else you probably already know. The "summer" issue of NOÖ will be more like an October issue, Lisa Jarnot's "Sea Lyrics" is one of my favorite long poems, lots of people are in love and the wind is growing teeth. See? Y'all know that shit.

Clay told us all to read about Kasey's schism of poetry into the palliative and the cathartic, so you should probably give that new toy a few twirls. Say something about it. Like something something. My articulation could paint fences.


Anonymous said...

I've fallen into a sea breeze. Thanks for all the updates and the new stuff to check out. My comments will grow their dada as I visit you more and more. Until then, I shall sound quite official and partially formal.

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