good discussion

Jessica Rowan is hosting one among us Ashland tykes over at her blog. Feel free to chime in with accounts from your town. Extra points for total subscription to the authority of narrative.

We need to mention, I think, the two big populist poetry beasts: cowboy poetry and slam poetry. These draw crowds that would bust the AHS auditorium. Yet don't receive a lot of press (that I can see anyway) when we post-post-fencepost-postoffice-avant-Avons thinks about public readings (or anything).

Less $20 tickets in these worlds too.

But also ugly issues of coddling approachability, numb reinforcement of pre-existing values surrounding poetic accomplishment, ear candy and myth candy, pretty much brazen cotton-candy entertainments. Or are they? Shit if I know. Should we ask why they work so well?

P.S. NOÖ will prolly be out tomorrow. Along with Erica's very kind interview with me.


jess rowan said...

"Should we ask why they work so well?"

I think this is what gets me going. Are we (the post-post-fencepost-yadayadas)not joiners and welcomers, too? Do we not clutch books and, dare I say, sigh? Do we not love a good reception spread with baklava as much as the next?

Mike Young said...

I think we are. I think we are, but we don't have on-message go-to points like the rhyme of slam poetry, the topical camradarie found in cowboy poetry, or the redwood poems of people with enough money to buy houses near redwoods these days.

Don't get me wrong. I dream of a totally rabblerousing poetry tour that invades venues and entices youth and, well, youth.

I am very tired.