NOÖ [five] is online! (and I have new poems out)

NOÖ [five] is online!

Print copies coming soon.

Also: Erica has posted an interview with me and done it up with lovely visuals and style.

All sew: I have two (old/new/revised) poems out in the brassiest named e-zine ever: melancholia’s tremulous dreadlocks. Why is this cool beyond cool? I am in it with Barbara Jane Reyes! Slam damn. If I may quote a too-long part of her poem:

from Barbara Jane Reyes's "in the city, she transcribes a composite of impossible lovers" :

"so do you have the time to reach into your body and find your heart a murder
of crows, your heart an opening in a barbwire fence, your heart a memory of
snowdrift, your heart an elegy to your former self, your heart a trickster
god in disguise, your heart a freeway offramp, your heart a scratch in the
vinyl of your favorite slow jam, your heart an empty tank of gasoline, your
heart a postmodern literary masterpiece, your heart mislabeled as a
hollywood blockbuster, your heart a murderer's insanity plea, your heart an
angel opening his eyes, your heart a thicket of bamboo, your heart a bullet
train, your heart hunted to extinction, your heart a prayer for the
departed, your heart an abstract poem, your heart a string of freshwater
pearls, your heart a broken swingset, your heart a sticky dive bar in the
bad part of town, your heart a dead language, your heart not a creation
story, your heart the understatement of the year."


Maurice Burford said...

noo journal 5 nice. but it's missing bisexual unicorns. not really resprented (i feel) accuratly by the media. look into it for noo 6. plus I'M BACK.

Bryan Coffelt said...

i agree. bisexual unicorns are a marginalized group. please solicit an essay on this subject for issue 6!

p.s. i will write the essay for $20 a word.

Mike Young said...

Agreed. Please write an essay that removes three words from the world, then give me $60.