bcr & tao & herman & i want to trade the game i play for shelter

Sorry about the delay in the BCR and TAO LIN reviews. My hands and brains have been otherwise committed.

So, in an effort to apologize: Andre Herman Dune & Clemence Freschard cover Leonard Cohen's "The Stranger" in one of those rooms, one of four minutes where you memorize the chinks in our bottles, bends in our hair. You look around, drum your knuckles. Four AM is coming down somewhere. To our onion mouths and crinkle yawns.

Andre Herman Dune & Clemence Freschard - The Stranger (Leonard Cohen cover)

So promise to buy Herman Dune's Giant when it comes out in the U.S.


Anonymous said...

eww...i've never heard anything so blatantly displaying SIGNS....that's like the song they play on the soundtrack of the movie where the bitter teenage boy is outcased, but superior in his lack of partaking in socializing wth his immature friends...utter indie cliche if i have ever heard it, revolting and pretentious as fuck without history

Mike Young said...

Herman Dune is actually quite good for socializing. We played one of his songs at a party last week, and everyone made out with someone new until we had an eventual orgy.

Thank you, though, for your conclusion to this sentence: "revolting and pretentious as fuck without history." I am going to tack "without history" onto everything now. "I would like the Greek fries with extra feta without history." "That is a large dog without history."

Mike Young said...

One of THEIR songs, rather.

Anonymous said...

You have more than one brain?!?!? ;-)

Bryan said...

dear anonymous:

as mike's roommate, i can tell you that no make-out session/orgy occurred.

having said that, herman dune songs are good and i don't understand your comment. what does "superior in his lack of partaking in socializing" mean? YOU sound pretentious as fuck.