perpetual motion roadshow

Some news:

Between December 8th and December 16th, I will be trundling up and down the West Coast with clandestinely-named Ocho and T-Po on the Perpetual Motion Roadshow, which is an "indie press touring circuit, an unholy combination of a vaudevillian variety show and punk rock tour."

Here is where I'll be:

Vancouver: Sat. Dec. 9, 7 pm. Spartacus Books (319 W. Hastings, upstairs)
Portland: Mon. Dec. 11, 7 pm. Chance of Rain Cafe (1522 SE 32nd Ave)
Ashland: Wed. Dec. 13, 6:30 pm. The Beanery (1602 Ashland Street)
San Jose: Thurs. Dec. 14, 8 pm. Gallery Anno Domini (366 South First Street)
San Francisco: Fri. Dec. 15, 7:30 pm. Modern Times (888 Valencia Street)
Berkeley: Sat. Dec. 16, 7 pm. The Long Haul (3124 Shattuck Ave)

If you go to the Perpetual Motion Roadshow link, you can download handbills for each of these cities. For handing out. If you live in one of these cities and harbor any sort of love for me in your chest bones, please attend a show.

I will probably keep a diary on this blog. In said diary I will record the fluctuation of my moods and the failures of my beard.

To pay for expenses and gas and shit, I will be hawking an exclusive tour chapbook called "That's Not the Face I Was Giving You." This chapbook will contain a variety of words, some suitable for sawyers and some suitable for sixth graders. Here is a possible cover, because the poetry world is ready for nervous yellow:

It features a charming illustration by Scott Campbell.

Fry some balloons for me! And come meet me, folks. I want to know you well.


jess rowan said...

1. I want to go to your show. Your show should come to New Hampshire.

2. If you come to New Hampshire I will buy your chapbook.

3. New Hampshire says, "Hey, no pressure and good luck with your show."

Maurice Burford said...

i want to make a comment better than jessica's... i'm GOING to you show and PAYING for a chapbook. AND buying three gallons of squirrel lubricant, for, ya know, later.

Maurice Burford said...

plus i really like the cover of your chapbook, es muy elegante (that means very elegant in Australian).

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

See you in Portland. Good luck with the other stops. Hold a chapbook back for me.

Mike Young said...

Jess: New Hampshire is beautiful in the winter. Thank you for the kind wishes.

Alex: Australians eat vegemite.. I will save you a chapbook because you like the cover.

Rodney: Portland huzzah! Consider yr chapbook held.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
Nice to meet you all. Just wanted to say hello!


Anonymous said...

Be prepared for snow! ;-)

Anonymous said...

As a world preview, here is Schietti’s Serpentine and Schietti’s Engine

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Tamizh said...

This is the best perpetual road show i have ever seen. I have learned many things from this road show, this made me believe that elixir of immortality