tour diary part uno with a lot of passive voice

Hello. I am currently sitting on a kitchen floor in Vancouver, BC. We are staying at Laura Boo's house. There is a slab of wood across the back door and a sewing machine on the table. We, the minor poets, ate artisan pastry bits leftover from a major poetry release party at the gallery where Boo works.

Tonight, our first Roadshow featured a very polite host with a very large beard. David and his homemade sampler opened for us. One song featured modulation of the words "no adam" over and over. David explained thusly: one time he was in this room with a guy named Adam, but Adam was leaving, to which David reacted defiantly.

Our audience arranged itself in a semi-circle. One guest acted concerned about geography. He kept asking if any other states were close to Oregon.

A biker dude showed up with his wife, who told us about sitting on a toilet and having her husband burst in to share a poem. She insisted he would do it for us if pressured. It was called Achin' for the Bacon. He performed it like a cross between slam style and tweedy Shakespearean actor. It dealt with his love of bacon.

Last night we stayed in Tacoma, WA with Ocho's friend. We looked at photo albums, and T-Poe put out a grease fire. In the bathroom, I noticed that the shower curtain had a skull motif.


North of Eugene

Pacific Northwest through the Pacific North-Window

Ocho plays so fast. And I can't hold a camera, I guess.

People fucking love this cat.

Evolution allows me to have hands.

The many beards and eyebrows of the PMR.

Laura BOO! She just fixed the toilet too. Rocktacular.


Chuck said...

Mike you filthy whore!

I don't get to say that much, so please excuse me for saying it. Not that you are filthy nor whore. Very opposite so, actually.

Your chapbook has found a home in my rain jacket pocket, so it gets read when I'm waiting for buses (and sometimes while riding on buses). Your poems are best experienced in this manner, on buses and in bus kiosks.

Say hello to the entire town of Ashland for me.

Ashland is a filthy whore.

Mike Young said...

Thank you again for coming and for snagging a book, kind sir. =)

I will let Ashland know what you think of their filth.