it falls like suspicion

Tagged to reveal little known facts by François, who is in San Francisco. Lucky bastard. The restaurants in San Francisco are cheaper than Ashland. Weird? I know. Weird.

1) The most annoying thing I did in third grade was chase people around pretending to be a Victorian movie camera. Like for the shaft I would make the a-okay fingers with my left hand, then turn the crank with my right.

2) I own a 1992 World Cup soccer ball. But it's torn and mud-stained.

3) Reading a lot of Joseph Wambaugh and playing a lot of Police Quest led a young me to envision a career in law enforcement.

4) I have yet to meet anyone else (besides my mother, maybe) who misses both Neutral Milk Hotel and Dale Earnhardt.

5) Speaking of my mother, I’ve never read a Charles Dickens book by myself. But as a family, we used to sit down every evening on the couch or whatever while she read us books out loud. We read every Dickens novel, I think. I also remember The Count of Monte Cristo taking us like five billion years.

6) One summer (maybe when I was ten or so?) I wrote forty pages of a cruise ship murder-mystery novel with political overtones. To get inspiration, I ran the story as a very text-dense RPG on a BBS bulletin board, with everybody playing out their scenes and stuff. All character appearances were based on my Star Trek action figures.

And do I tag? I tag. I tag Bryan, Jess, Angela, Alex, and Matt Bell.

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François said...

I'm actually back in Houston, where the food and mass transit are slightly cheaper than in San Francisco, but where the food doesn't taste as well and where buses just suck.