custom everyday hope machine beta

P.S. Click once to get your own unique poem. If you're trying to do this off an RSS thing like Bloglines, it won't work. Also: after you're done, be sure to reload and get new ones.

Step 1:

Step 2:


Alex said...


Go sing the small gods of vacancy neon
Go sing the slobber of tbe thighs beneath khaki skorts and the bump muckup of the smooth chests under the hair
Go sing the mornings of gardens and dropshots
Go sing to the boys in yr lap at the Round Table bake sale
Go sing slow yr fingernail on the 4AM kitchen mug, yr left cheek on the sundry grist of yearbooks and clusterfucks
Go sing Butte, MT to the camera crews and their foozball hoops, hidden bargains, needle scuffles

Logan Ryan Smith said...

hey mike, sorry man, i still haven't gotten that stuff in the mail to you and then i went and deleted my facebook account, so i don't have your address anymore. backchannel it to:


and i promise to get the books off this weekend.

Mike Young said...

No worries, man. Did you try the poem machine?

jess said...

I feel a little dumb: I can only make poems that do not end. Am I missing something?

It's a fun singalong, though.

Mike Young said...

Just keep clicking, Jess. It will eventually end.

Mike Young said...

I made it so everything appears at once. No tons of clicking. Is that better you think?