i have a friend named ocho

Being in a magazine named OCHO is not the same as being in my friend named Ocho.


To wit, the just released:

OCHO #9: MiPOesias' Print Companion

Writers: Ron Androla, Nin Andrews, Tom Blessing, Zachary Blessing, Tara Birch, Pris Campbell, Nick Carbo, Grace Cavalieri, Denise Duhamel, Adam Fieled, Campbell McGrath, Anthony "Tony" Robinson, Leigh Stein, Mike Young (hi) and Aaron Belz.

OCHO is published via Lulu.com. Lorna Dee Cervantes recently won a Pushcart Prize for a poem published in OCHO #6. Victory for small press and OCHO and LuLu.

P.S. 2 of the 3 poems I have in the new OCHO will be in a forthcoming chapbook. Chapbook news coming. New press news coming. Daisy rotor news spinning. The rotor looks like a daisy.


Didi Menendez said...

some copies have started to arrive I heard. Did you get yours?

Mike Young said...

Not yet. But mail gets here slow, usually.