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Drop everything you're doing and listen to my new favorite bands of the moment. They could not be more different. Well, they could. DNA-wise, one could be a band full of zebras. Let's not get into that, okay?

The Avett Brothers

Maybe it's because their vocal range is similar to mine--clued off before I heard them by a song called "Paranoia in Bb"--and that lends some sonic camaraderie or something (ha ha), but I swear: this band sounds more "sincere" than anyone I've heard since Langhorne Slim. Even when the Avett Bros' lyrics turn cliche, they "bust through" that cliche: goddamn I do fall like a leaf, hell yes her hair is yellow as sun. Right now! <-- that's the trick. Right now. Cliches exist in those aligned, spontaneous moments. Like a scope clicking into place. Like: "wait YES whoa what was that?" Like I said to someone the other night, "I feel good right now," and she said "I never feel one thing; I'm always feeling complicated" -- she was right about feeling in general, but she didn't get what I meant. Right now <-- that was the important part. The Avett Brothers go: feeling -> fingers -> banjos -> speakers -> rosewater and cherry sarsaparilla, red diner swivel chair for that customer who eats from four till dawn. Their new record is Emotionalism from Ramseur Records.

November Blue (video)
Pretty Girl From San Diego


Unblanketed (is that a word?) sincerity is not everything though. Hard to say, yes. But geez, feeling is only one goal of anything--let alone music. I don't want to "feel" all the time! Quel drag! Thankfully, Fishboy is clever and poppy and juicy and trumpet-y and sprout-vocaled, animal crackers full of tangerine juice. They are the word "tee-hee" for big kids. Or: "Outside / it's starting to snow / and well / I'm gonna / eat a pizza roll." Fishboy would make great jokes at the aforementioned diner, and they would probably give you really funny and awesome birthday presents. Like every day. You're like: Today's not even my birthday! And they're all: We know, we know, but here is a shark-shaped shower lamp. Oh you Fishboy. Little D is their 2005 hot pocket, but their new album will (supposedly) be Albatross: How We Failed To Save The Lone Star State With The Power Of Rock And Roll (that link goes to their MySpace and preview songs).

Tree Star


chall gray said...

those Avett boys are from my neck of the woods.

Mike Young said...

That's sweet, Chall. From what I could tell they have a good local following.

Mike Young said...

Sweet as in the California-style "Sweet!" not like the "aww, that's sweet."

Unknown said...

we also have the sucrose style sweet here. but i don't have time to explain, i'm gonna go eat some pie.