climbed up a tall tall tree

Things I Have learned:

If you refer to yourself as an adjective--maybe you're not an asshole, but you aren't very funny.

Example: "I was just doing it, you know, that ole Mike Young way!"

/end of things i have Learned

Requisite "Back in Oroville" post coming soon.


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Three new poems in the June elimae. These are from a new chapbook I made of April poems and otherwise. It's called Don't Wake Up It's Just Me. It will soon be sort of available. Let me know if you want one. If you don't want one, please don't vocalize your lack of interest, for that would make me feel like an orange rind.

Here is the cover:


you fuck like you're running for office

Dragonfly Identity Crisis: Another Music Post

With somewhat of a jolt, I realized tonight that I love Mint Records. Like that morning where you're trying to be very polite and trying to pour organic maple syrup for her all over the pancake and not the tablecloth, and you are trying to, you know, remember the relevant name.

Likewise with Mint Recs: I love Neko Case, Immaculate Machine, Lou Barlow, The New Pornos, Carolyn Mark, P:ano, and now--The Awkward Stage.

I watched a YouTube interview with The Awkward Stage frontman and songwriter Shane Abram Nelken. He is very sarcastic, down to earth. His job involves those who have left the Earth: he is a cremationist. As the saying goes, cremationists make great pop. To wit: The Awkward Stage's new album Heaven Is For Easy Girls. Being a rankled and poorly shaved feminist, I took immediate offense to the title's implications, but thankfully the song is, um, kidding. I think. Arguing, pretty much, for "Jah-neen" to repolish her innocence. Repossess, I mean. Something. Isn't that, like, a genre? Like the "You are too gentle to fuck" song -- AMG should have a category. The Awkward Stage also have a "you are too exasperating to fuck" song called "I Love You, Hipster Darling." These songs are not exploitive at all, for everyone actually ends up fucking in the end. Hurrah! Let's not call it "fucking." Call it the jaunty perpetuation of humanity, the ambulance of skin, and it lies without ideology so long as you keep the lights off.

Meanwhile, The Awkward Stage are building a lounge in your kitchen. With a velvet billiards table that mopes when you call it "pool." They are playing calico guitars and baking doo-wop quiche. Hours are long at the cremation, um, laboratory? I don't know. Whatever they call those things. The point is: The Awkward Stage must work fast. They smirk, they keed, they keed, they "oh come on" and open your heart to a humming.

Check out The Awkward Stage on MySpace and buy their album Heaven Is For Easy Girls when/if you have the $$.

Song doodles:

Heaven is For Easy Girls - The Awkward Stage
I Love You, Hipster Darling - The Awkward Stage

Bonus MP3s:

Blood For You - Spider Bags (North Carolina anti-masculinity folkstomp bellow)

Julie - Porter Wagoner ("one for the stranger, Julie...and me")

Tonight I Have to Leave It - Shout Out Louds (epic cowbell reverb and Swede-pop departure angst)

Extra Life - Soda Fountain Rag (this song reminds me of wishing life came with an Escape key or a Restore Game feature)

Wolcott - Vampire Weekend (I don't know; Cape Cod makes nice potato chips, right? this is violin punk)

Will You Love Me in the Morning? - Acid House Kings (speaking of morning: this is the only 'will you love me int the morning' song for i've-been-awake-since-3-but-i-would-still-like-to-bust-a-move)

Into Brooklyn, Early in the Morning - The Innocence Mission (like it says: for early in the morning when you fly away, with ice on the window roller and also [somehow] up your nails)

Up to the Mountain - Solomon Burke (one day I wasn't sure where my heart was, and then I listened to Solomon Burke sing and I was like "oh. there. there it is.")