omg rhyming--he's like an obnoxious cell phone

It takes me some of these sometimes to "build up" any "steam."


These games were built for solitude,
These tricks were built for whores.
These belts were built for hipsters
And these wide roads built for war.

This face was built for lotion,
This discretion built for shame.
These hips were built for holsters,
And these cherries built for cranes.

These barges built for musket nooks,
These cousins built to leech,
These neighbors built for sugar
And these lemons built for teeth.

This shampoo built for rock'n'roll,
And this country built and stuck.
These last meals built theatrical,
And these orgies built by luck.

This seat was built for wheelchairs,
This storm built for balloons--
This Sunday built for bourbon,
And these grace notes built for you.

This coonskin built for irony,
This joke was built for keeps.
These vineyards built for assholes,
And the cellars built too deep.

These vows were built to sample
And these gods built to entrench,
This snowman, he was built too late,
And friends built by coincidence.

These la-las built for choruses
This velvet built for palls,
These oranges built for clover,
But they may not mean to fall.

This grape was built for sorrow,
Then this dollar built for milk.
This sun was built for loggers
And this game was built to tilt.

These strangers built for bus stations,
These others built for fries.
This waiting room was built by me,
For I was built to gawk inside.

These hemlines built for woozy pleas,
These bike trails built from glass.
This last call was built for winnowing,
And this doghouse built to last.

These hands were built for headaches,
And this pace was built for Doug,
This cool glance built by callouses,
And this bullshit built by love.

These trains were built to bless us
But the whistles built for cows.
These concessions built on second glance,
And your grace notes built for now.


K. Silem Mohammad said...

These rhymes were built to fan your muse,
Whose pow'r was built by Jove--
His pow'r itself a man-built ruse
To build rainbows of mauve.

A Vanderbilt is rich as hell;
A Peterbilt's a rig;
A fool can build a wishing well,
But only God a pig.

Alex said...

you face is like a cake,
anxious, broad: round and thin;
your ass, a spanish rake
a place to rattle and lay my chin.

K. Silem Mohammad said...

The world was built of slime and mud
By builders out in space;
They built mankind of bone and blood
To populate the place.

They built ideas from empty air,
And built them so they'd flop;
The Greeks began to build with care;
The Romans made them stop.

The Vikings built the first canoe;
The Irish built the bomb;
The Mexicans built Timbuktu;
My uncle built your mom.

Your momma built a new brassiere;
'Twas difficult to build, O!
The straps hook up around each ear;
From each cup hangs a dildo.

Your momma built the lot of us:
We are a pack of ninnies.
We built a horse-drawn Greyhound bus
So we could hear the whinnies.

We built Ramones for sniffing glue,
We built these boots for walking;
We built this city--sacre bleu!
No Starship quotes! Tres shocking!

Mike Young said...

Kasey gets the special Oxblood Dewberry Scone for the first mention of what boots were made for.

Stay tuned for more prizes!

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