the distance between us is like how motivated i must be to wash the dishes

On the first of May, I told you "all" that I would blog long blogs about emoticons, rollercoasters and Airborne. Will this happen? Think of it this way:

1) The sun still holds some sway over the ocean

2) Steve Earle doesn't appreciate the fact you can probably check your email from an Amtrak train. Um, I couldn't, but theoretically sure.

3) Noah and the Whale's "5 Years Time" is the best pop song since last Thursday. Or since commedia dell'arte.

Ergo: if you care about me at all, please post a picture of breakfast (any kind is okay; do you eat red beans and rice for breakfast? great) in the comment section. Practice your image linking. Goad [me] into something.

P.S. Not my! photos.


Anonymous said...

Is this s'posed to be a 'guess where the pictures were taken' contest?!? Yeah, like the song. ;-)

Willie Z said...

Om nyum nyum

Alex said...

that band is amazing.

good call.

pee in me.

Mike Young said...

Willie is the only person who cares about me.