everybody everybody everybody knows


I do not totally regret life.
Sub pumps and chirp colored
crosswalks, Charlie tokens
and Yuri and Whisper and Pat
and then and who and hello.

Amherst is a box of scarfs.
Of cider and oak sweatervests.
Of scarf flavored doughnuts.
Portland's a basement of punks
with duct tape over the Prius.
Vancouver is a troop of bi
bicyclists who stir honey into
mate with drizzle sticks and zines.

Thank God Vancouver isn't Brooklyn,
God. Thanks. Meanwhile, I want to
shit on you if you walk a cinder
block across New Jersey because you
"must." Oroville, in the motels of the
AM hours, the new tattoos will keep
you up. Don't talk to me about must.

What is Santa Fe? Tallahassee?
Montenegro? Reykjavik? Perth?
I want you to meet this crook
in my foot and deliver it over,
over and over and ever again.

Ashley is sad that I'm not in
or anymore. You can take me
anywhere but I won't moor.
Ashland is Alex and Bryan
and who and hello in whose
kitchen. And then the hug is
suspect, maybe, a thing of
collapse. To skate on ice a
thousand miles a blink might
make for a pretty jail break.

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Live@theGrouchoClub said...

Nice Neil Young reference in the title. Did you know that Zooey Deschanel likes Neil Young a lot? She's really pretty.