new york sleeping bag

New York sleeping bag found. See above.

A few people have asked about pictures. Here are some pictures from my cell phone.

You know exactly what's going on, you just don't want to admit it.

Emilie was born on a Zeppelin above Paris, Texas.

Chris is a maximum strength antacid tablet.

"How is it going over there, Mike?"

This is the picture from high up in the UMass library which a Friends character might take and post on his blog.


Unknown said...

these are pretty interesting especially the one with the hot dog.



yeah, mmm, i like hot dog.

Ben Latini said...

Your poetry is interesting. I am going to link to you in my blog.

Mike Young said...

Thank you, live@thegrouchoclub.

Didi & Blake: the hot dog is even more impressive in person and usually looks like it's alive and thinking with difficulty.