apple pie air freshener

I just finished reading a William Gay story that mentioned "an autumnal look of distances." Which is vague, abstract, overly clinical and clunky with vocabulary--but also perfect. No more Nick Drake records needed. That clause is a linguistic summary of Fall.

In other news, I have a story coming out in the new Backwards City Review. I lost a contest to someone with a complete sentence for a name (BJ Hollars), but they decided to print my story anyway. BJ's excerpt makes his story look pretty cool. One time I had a friend named BJ. He went out with a girl I knew from theatre, and I seem to remember something about strip poker and an orgy. Another kid I knew from theatre moved to Sacramento and spends most of his life now "clubbing," high on E. "Clubbing." I think clubbing is 3% dancing, 4% E, 5% going to the bathroom, 25% drinking fruited vodkas, and 63% sitting outside, bumming cigarettes, and talking shit about people in the way of a drum machined powered Truman Capote knockoff.

My story is about a nub.

Please order a copy of Backwards City Review and read it.

Support literature.

Literature has more E's than E.


Live@theGrouchoClub said...

I was listening to Nick Drake while I read this...total coincidence!

Mike Young said...

I'm going to listen to Nick Drake right now. He's still awesome. I just said what I said for effect.


i love william gay.

i am going to buy backwards city.

fuckin bj hollars.

Mike Young said...

bj is going to google himself and find this page and feel vaguely embarrassed but handle everything with plums and aplomb, content to know that we love him in open and william gay ways.

thank you for buying bcr, blake. you are rock. i will email you soon.


i would kill for that name. i would. bj, you are a lucky man, wherever you are.

BJ said...

Hey guys, well, mike young nailed it. bj hollars did google himself (actually his fiance did) and found this, and he is going to handle everything with "plums and aplomb."
hilarious. never expected my name would cause such a stir, though in high school, it was pretty popular. even got me thrown in a trashcan a time or two.
congrats on the backwards city pub "dragon fly" guy. later

Mike Young said...

thank you for finding the blog and commenting, mr. hollars. your story is quite good. kudos!

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