lonely people are evil

A pathetic, sadistic screed by Josh Olson about two lonely women and the things that happened between them.

No wonder History of Violence sucked.

Josh Olson's new theory is that he is the final arbitrator of "good" and "evil" because he can cuss a lot and isn't fat or something, I think.

Since I can't legally re-post the picture that wraps the story, please make sure to look at it here. You might have to scroll a bit: it's after the paragraph where Josh Olson hopes the woman in the picture gets murdered.

Yeah. She's a regular minotaur. Go get 'em, Josh.

Okay, this is a seriously weird "moral" issue and I want to know what sorts of reactions might spill. Please comment.


Maurice Burford said...

he's like some new fangled bully, that has no reason to pick on sad people other than he's a dick who needs publicity.

shame fat, sad people. shame. stay away from cameras.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

i can't say i understand what's going on here. i guess i don't know what the story is here.

all i can say is that i'm glad to see that the entire series of OZ books are being adapted for tv or the movies. hopefully the movies.