according to


Clay mug--or a
pipe dream? No,
mug: cracked to
leak a stamp of
coffee. A crazy
night, kid? No.


Ben Latini said...

I don't like this poem. What is behind it? What's driving it inside your head? Not giving you a hard time---honestly curious. Trying to understand how this poetry thing works for everyone else as I try to refine my approach.

Mike Young said...

Oh, it's not very good. I was trying to make a small, airtight rowboat. A sound lab. Done well by Creeley here and here, then done well by Ben Kopel, Joe Massey and others.

Anyway, sometimes I like to write very obtuse little imperfect things trying to make them perfect and knowing I won't. They are exciting, though. After I wrote this, I wrote like two MC Oroville poems, outlined a story and outlined the first third of a novel. That sounds like a joke, but it's not.

Ben Latini said...

Yay! Show us more oroville stuff! (please?)

I write a lot of stuff too without worrying if it will be good. I think that's the best way to write (at least first drafts)...be fearless, have fun!

Ben Latini said...

Also: can you explain what you mean by "sound lab"?

Joseph Massey said...

I dig it. Have you read Michael O'Brien's Sleeping and Waking yet? You'd find a lot to love there.


Mike Young said...

Hey Joe, thanks for the tip. I've been researching it a bit online and it looks really good. It's in one of the local libraries and I ordered it.