prose flurry

I don't know if I'll leave up the thing below or not. Do you? Do you know?

Joe Massey had a call-in day at his blog. Hear mine there. I laugh at myself a couple times, once or twice.

This is what I read, if you want to read along (I'm writing MC Oroville poems instead of doing NaNoWriMo like Jess, Bryan, and Alex):

Main Event for the Bowling Alley Parking Lot

taken down to forthcome in Saltgrass


Live@theGrouchoClub said...

I'm going to try to write a poem like you write.

I'm jumpy and I need you to hold on to my shoulders to settle me down. And there's the speaker (the one that isn't blown out) and I think that the drumstick is splintered but will still work if we don't use it on actual drums. I don't know if I love Alison or her glasses, just. And Alison is the name that I gave her rather than her real name. Call the police! becuase I need to ask them a question. Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle. Football fields on tv that blur under the haze of my altered state; I'm beckoned to call you by some rogue angry part of my brain. Surf rock cascades, cliched, into the surface of our liquid friendship and I love the spaces between the fire hydrant of your dream. I was rejected by new journal and I slept inside of a figmentary hurricane and I gave it a name! Simon! the horn section on this Al Green Record! incendiary! Trying to hide this bottle behind broken bushes and living in houses that were painted with a substance that was squeezed from a stone. Help me get my shoes on-----because the room is not so much spinning as it is laughing and calling me names with such velocity and conviction that I feel like I need to sit down. Curse my pills. The gray ponytail on the back of the psychiatrist's head would make a brilliant escape ladder...down a hole...southern town...water in beer cans...Trying charge an arm and a MOTHERFUCKING leg....some pimp shades! Yelling at the comic is fun but he might yell back/buy my cd/10 dollars.

"Who Gives a Fuck Magazine".

Mike Young said...

That's sweet, man. Thank you for posting that.

Live@theGrouchoClub said...

I'm not sure if I captured your methodology...and I thought maybe my poem was stupid...but thanks for the kind words.

Live@theGrouchoClub said...

Also: please check out my blog. I have a poem there called "Instructions" that might be good for Noo Journal...not to be presumptuous. Keep posting your poetry here. You are neat!

Live@theGrouchoClub said...

Dude! You should write more short stories. If you already do write them, you should post them! I just read "Ball of Dooshie Levitation" and you have one of the most engaging voices I've read in a very long time. More stores? Please? Right on!

Mike Young said...

Thanks, man. I write a lot of short stories, but most of them are too long to post here. You can find some of them if you go here, click on Publications, and then start clicking around.