this is how 90% of "intelligent" and "informed" people write about the future.


It's hard for me to get away from this old idea I have about something. Sure, it's wrong, and I know that. In fact, here is a long and clearly well-attuned exploration of all the ways in which my idea is outdated. Pretty sharp, right? Why did I even get my idea in the first place? Well, here is the history of my idea framed in an overall metanarrative of progress that proves how we really have no reason to cling to this old shit. And hey, maybe that's awesome! Maybe we're headed for this utopia I will now describe. Wow, that sounded good, right? But now I can't help but feel a little like saying "But now I can't help but." Maybe I'm just silly, but here is the part where I abandon the logic and keen analysis I used earlier to decide that for now (and probably the rest of my life) I am never going to abandon my old idea--even though I'm smart enough to self-analyze and identify its archaism, its rigidity, its snotty doctrine of convervastism that serves to make my brain a sort of bunker of fear. Faced with all that, why stick with this old idea? Well, I kind of like it! In this vague and emotional way I will now take one or two sentences to sketch, all of which is supposed to somehow shove all that earlier hard-won rationale off the podium. Whee! Don't worry about all that stuff I took a long time to explain. Emotions are way cooler. Fuck the future. Have a good night.


Bryan Coffelt said...

i think that's how i write about ideas involving the future.

i am very dismissive at the end of everything i write.

or whatever.


Mike Young said...

Well stop it! You bitched face bitchface!