hours like sparrows

My story "The Peaches Are Cheap" has just gone up at Hobart. It originally appeared in Monday Night, a lovely journal out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Now other people in the world--in cities that start with San or don't--may read it. Or may not. Mayn't?

It's a sad story; the characters could solve their existential crises if they just fried their peaches in a caramel sauce. Losers.


Logan Ryan Smith said...

good stuff. i especially liked this line:

"The sun hits him like a cigarette ad."

Mike Young said...

Thanks, dude!

You're probably glad for SF right now--this ice storm shit is bonkers.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

it's chilly over here, but, yeah, not bad. the only real regret i have in deciding not to move out of SF and to the east coast is that i'll still not have *real* seasons. i would really like to have real seasons--you know, 4 very distinctive times of year. that would be nice.

le sigh.

Daniel Bailey said...

I really liked that. Great lines. It felt like you were writing about me and my brother.

Mike Young said...

Thanks, Daniel. =)