carrot bribe

MiPOesias presents


Friday, January 25th @ 7:00 p.m.
Stain Bar – Williamsburg, Brooklyn


This reading went pretty well, I think. Should I use full names in this post? Is that tacky or ethical? Okay. Compromise. My friend Luke G. drove with me to Brooklyn, and we yelled at each other once or twice because he is free spirited and I am a nervous warship hiding in futility from deep sea divers. We talked about his crazy Hawaiian adventures and he bought me a feta pizza slice. Once or twice we missed an exit because he was phone chatting with government Deadheads about shopping cart races, striped shirts, and Atlanta breast implants. I'm mixing some of this up, maybe. Once in Brooklyn, Luke carried his huskie puppy atop his head. Found a laundromat and offered to rent me a blue tuxedo for $29.

Wait. This blog sounds like dragonfly on an acid trip now. Luke is cool. Tumultuous. That's what he is.

The reading itself went pretty well. People laughed at Tao L. saying "pre-cum," and I sold my last copies of Don't Wake Up It's Just Me to Amy K. and Jim B. William S. read romantic, thoughtful poems about incidents and accidents, hints and allegations. He is touring a lot on the West Coast; you should catch him somewhere.

Afterward, a bunch of us hung out at Tao and Justin T's place, including Kendra G. M. and Ellen F. The results of this hangage are documented elsewhere. They involve spiderwebs of protective light.

Saturday I ate brunch at Sacred Chow and left, reading Revolutionary Road as I rode through Connecticut, which was creepy to the max.

All in all, a sure footed time. I'm going back to the city next week and have another reading, which I'll post about in a different blog, I guess. Tramp face.


Kendra Grant Malone said...

you not only are capable of a lovely reading, but also are very skilled in tolerating drunk girls who hip hop speak. you should consider putting that on your resume.

Mike Young said...

you are too nice, kendra. =) there was also a sort of hip hop shuffle. then you tried to eat tao's cat. first you bought tao a cat, then you tried to eat it.