go long not that long

And what's more: I have a new MC Oroville piece up at elimae. Prose poem, fiction, whatever. It concerns the 49ers. In 4th grade I had a Nerf 49ers football and a Steve Young mug, which I used for drinking Kool-Aid. I copied the signature off the mug onto the football and pretended I was related to Steve Young. Everyone believed me. Of course.


Live@theGrouchoClub said...

I'm at elimae too! We're like twins.

Bryan said...

me too!

we're like tricycles.

which piece is yours groucho?

Live@theGrouchoClub said...

"Two Poems" by Ben Latini

Chad Simpson said...

I came by here for a specific reason, but first: Nice piece at elimae.

"We didn't know sad from 'sup." That's so good it could be a bumper sticker.

The real reason I stopped by, though: A while back you posted some links to The Avett Brothers. They were wholly unknown to me at the time, but I loved them from first listen. And so, thank you, Mr. Young.

Congrats on your recent pubs and whatnot. And as always, you're doing excellent work with Noo.

Mike Young said...

Yeah, they rock, Chad. I also very much dig The Felice Brothers, who have a less polished but maybe more soulful sound. Check them out.

Thanks for dropping by and for the kudos. =)

Alex said...

i like.

makes me a bit horny, though.

not your fault of course.

just all that faulty wiring down there.