what's with these mugs full of bleach

From Blake Butler:

"The new issue of LAMINATION COLONY is now live. It is a special issue on different kinds of porn, including people porn, fairy tale porn and thought porn. It includes work by Noah Cicero, Jesse Ball, Corey Mesler, Michael Hemmingson, Kathryn Regina, Paul Kavanagh, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Karie Buss, Prathna Lor, Susan Slaviero, Stephen Chamberlain, Brooklyn Copeland, Matthew Savoca and Minna Lincoln. It also includes me talking about each piece to pornographically explain the presence of each piece, as I often wonder why some journals publish what they do. Please read share and enjoy. Please link it from your blogs and say nice things."

Nice things: macaroons, bunny sculptures, experiencing things without trying so hard--armed with a desperation of very steel heart shields--to adapt them to your worldview, pennywhistle solos, cork grease in the strawberry soup, fleeing before the flood, cheerleader investigations, menthol cigarette smoke when you're fifteen and fraught with bummers and unaware of your sadness in a larger and sobering existential context, and happy bus drivers.

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nice niceness.