ask for a stomachache get a strip mall


This is my theory of poetry: no,
really. I don't know in what
order or whatever. Line breaks:
you open a packet of cloves but
oops: a tiny Alice Notley's in--
six tiny Alice Notleys, sorry,
gift economy and sundry shit--
there instead. I meant theory of
my poetry, or this stadium of it.
Where I'm all giggle raped by
1) weird line breaks, 2) slight
rhyme, 3) a churning Levinas
concern i.e the i and the eek:
you. 4) "Sundry" up there was
"all that" a few seconds ago.
Sure, I scoot away from clarity.
Clear people are boring, good to
help evacuate a barn on fire. That's
it. Would tennis be fun if it made
sense? "Please explain that net."
I want people to meet "sundry"
again for the first time. Corn
Flakes said that first, I think.
A wonky word gift mission. Words:
sundry, giggle, blowfish, shit-
house, abeyance, dizzy and yolk
excite me like yes and should be in
Joshua Clover's poetry, and mine.
This poetry rehearses "feelings"
but leaves most in the tea bag.
Wait, Kenneth Koch said everything
crownable and then some other,
slightly funnier shit. Okay.
When I say "said everything
crownable," I don't have a hidden
MEANING. "Everything crownable" on
insurance billboards--dude, what a
shitkick! "Everything crownable" is
just something I'd find funny in
real life, if I saw it on a sticker.
When I read James Schuyler, I learn
hymns to life in an arbitrary fashion.
I am pretty much not ready for
peak oil, which is why I read
poetry, Bradley. About fadeouts and
schmucks, cuttlefish and paddocks.
I have no desire to save you. Or:
I'm not really into that right now.
Even if you don't know Alice Notely,
Alice Notley is still a cool thing to
say. Al hiss. Not Lee. Entertainment =
intertwine. The more I make what is
fun to me a little fun or sort of
fun to you, the less I want to
kill you. That is basically
Levinas, but you should read him
yourself and don't let anyone tell --


Bradley Sands said...

i am declaring war on your face


poetry sucks
except when it does not

i once wrote a poem without
line breaks

i cannot post it in a blog
because the blog overlords
will assign the
line breaks
at random
and make me mad

i am declaring war
on the blog overlord's faces

i am also declaring war
on your face

you can team up with them
but i will still crush you both

i like the phrase
i am declaring war on your face
a lot

i came up with it
for the title of this poem
but i used it in my novella
before i wrote this

if i was better at html
i could post my poem without
line breaks

you would only be able to read it
by turning your computer monitor
on its side or by doing
tricky things with mirrors

i know where you live

i stay up all night

better not sleep or you won't
be able to defend your face
against my scud missiles

we can drink hot chocolate
together all night at the diner
and you would know the location
of my scud missiles

i would have a harder time
destroying your face

actually i sorta never
payed attention the bunch of times
i dropped you off

i know what road it's on and that
there's a gas station nearby
but i don't know where to turn right

you are going to have to tell me
where you live again
so i can shoot scud missiles
at your face

Mike Young said...

My face is officially looking for ways to circumvent the Geneva Convention, if anyone's wondering.

Bradley Sands said...

I never got a strip mall, but I think you your stomach ache has finally arrived. It must have gotten lost in the mail.