belly knife

I have a poem out in Pinch Pinch Press #1: Barnaby Jones, a new Ashland poetry journal edited by Bryan, Jess, and Alex. Plenty of good folks in there. You should pre-order. $5. Whadaya gonna spend it on, machine guns?


Bryan Coffelt said...

awww shit man?! you can't pull your political blog like that! i was gonna give you mad ups!

thank you for promoting b. jones here.

you are a reverse elliot spitzer. you're more like a spritzer. a spritzer.

Mike Young said...

I'm a spritzer. Most of my political blog was just me quoting Barack's speech, anyway. Maybe I'll put it back up.

elo boost said...

I am the spritzer. The majority of my personal politics weblog had been simply me personally quoting Barack's talk, anyhow. Perhaps I will place it support.

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