there are people alive to affirm that i've run out of french fries and sort of just ate it off my finger

This is a commercial for barbecue sauce from Oroville, CA. Oh Lord-- if there were some way to include this in MC Oroville's Answering Machine. Dear Jessica Smith: I need your help. You've made books with perfume on them. Can I make my chapbook smell like barbecue sauce?


Maurice Burford said...

just dilute the barbecue in water and then put in one of those $2 perfume squirter's (for lack of better word). spray away.

Mike Young said...

You're a smart panda, sir.

Matt Walker said...


(A device for converting a substance, especially a perfume, medicine, or barbecue sauce, to a fine spray.)

Jessica Smith said...

the perfumer whose scents i buy for the take-home chapbooks is here:

she probably has a barbecue scent. i wouldn't put it past her. the gingerbread scent i bought from her smells exactly like gingerbread. maureen bought one that smells exactly like tomato plants (the stems, not the fruit). exactly.