she even looks pretty when it's hot

The reading was exciting. The rumbles began an hour or two before, when hipster pirates stole all my chapbooks, drove into a deep-sea lair, and committed sex accidents all over the books, ruining them for professional consumption.

Okay. I carried them in a bag and put a water bottle in the bag and then the water bottle broke.

So all my chapbooks became waterlogged. I tried to sell them for $4, but most people were like "These are wet! I don't understand." Sam Starkweather did buy a copy. Thank you, Sam.

Really, I should have just given them away. Duh.

I got too obsessed with the idea of buying mocha french toast via poetry.

The reading, though, was very good. Elisa Gabbert was the only one who managed to read outside all the way. Good job, Elisa. Amy King's last poem was cracked by a sudden thunderstorm, which caused the audience to cram down the stairs into the loft space and cause a giant fire hazard. Then Amy yelled at everyone and finished reading. Later, Amy King touched my butt and said "easy access." Amy King is/was the Poet Laureate of the blogosphere.

Leigh Stein read very well and people applauded after a few of her poems.

Tao Lin read the whale poem. Everybody laughed, especially when a page was turned, and Tao laughed too at one point. When done he said "They're on sale for $3."

I read five things from my soggy chapbook. People applauded after the anti-hipster poem "Me and My Friends Have Sarcastic Beards." They also laughed a lot and seemed to enjoy themselves.

After, we ate some marshmallows, listened to a band, kvetched, etc.

Thank you Leigh for hosting this reading. It was the most surprising reading I've ever been to or in. Good work.

My soggy chapbooks are now available to my sexy blog readers. There's a PayPal link on the sidebar. It's just a little wrinkled. None of the ink was smeared. Everything is still immaculately readable. I will stop whining about money. If you want to just send me $0.01 I will send you a chapbook. If you want me to turn into a cat, I will live in Kendra Grant Malone's windowsill next to her new fan.


Catherine Lacey said...

it was good. good job.

ryan call said...

" committed sex accidents"

i laughed.

i will buy one as soon as i figure out paypal

Leigh Stein said...

thanks, mike.

i'm glad i took you by such surprise.

p.s. my word verification word for this blog comment is: sutly

Ben said...

I wish Amy touched my butt...

Mike Young said...

thank you all.

ryan, i put a button on my sidebar.