you can want if you dance to

I have new publications to announce. Pretend we are a baseball stadium. Announcer.

A long story in the Fall 2008 Phoebe.

A creepy story online at Pindeldyboz.

Thank you I love you goodbye.


Gabe said...

That story is great! 0% body fat, all bone, killer ending.

Leigh Stein said...

i like your story a lot


you should keep it farrah faucet

that is hot

Mike Young said...

thanks errybody. this story is getting some luv, even tho it's super creepy.

hot blake. you are hot.

Alex said...

THAT was great fucking story.

Josh Maday said...

yeah, that's a killer story, man. nice work.

--i am not kidding, the word verification word has a "u" with an umlaut; what the hell--