nobody moves to perth


"Bewilderment is the new sincerity" -- Heather Christle

All the new bewilderment is about hay fever tablets.
In this it resembles the blind men running from the
elephant. In this it resembles nude appliance repair.
We're pulled aside and told we're loved, but listen:
the mustard gas has to go. If I keep feeling this way
I will have to use a lot of emoticons. I will have to
stop lying to my children about the history of blues.
No more oyster ice cream, illegal haircuts, arc welding.
Stricter regulations on confession distribution.
Stop with the codeine-in-the-milkshake "accidents."
All the old bewilderment was about jealousy between
umpires, twenty-seven facemasks dunked in blood,
piled in the sink. It seems like only yesterday
we hired these relationships, and now look at the
mics on us, even when we're not under emotion.
"I like that--is it new?" "No, we know someone who
already likes it." Now we're even sold our minutes.
We can talk on the phone in the handicap shower.
If I keep feeling this way, I will need a mitten
my whole body over. All the new bewilderment
mops in the blue hour and respects donuts,
dismantles the game into aesthetic experience.
We're rushed from the gym and told "Lay here
and dream of time machines very hard." Okay.
We're given six unlabeled jars and told "Pick
the new honey." That one. If I keep feeling this--
wearing, I mean, a pillowcase and a white belt--
we will drop the bones in the heart slot just to
buzz, buzz, even as we're not supposed to buzz.
I have invented a new kind of poetry that alludes
to Operation, which is also a new kind of feeling,
which was already our new kindness at work.
When the batteries run out, promise that you'll
melt me in my sleep and stir me up with blue acid.
Keep the lights on through all loss. Don't forget:
brilliant also means that none of us can see.


dentuso said...

Brilliant also means that none of us can see. Wow. Fucking gonzo man!

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Mike Young said...

danke to all you kind folk

Unknown said...

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