you can't buy coconut water in amherst; sorry t.l.

Coconut 13—with new poems by Rae Armantrout, David Lehman, Ariana Reines, Teresa K. Miller, Kate Colby, Carrie Olivia Adams, James Belflower, Anne Marie Rooney, Kristi Maxwell, Jason Zuzga, Megan Kaminski, Christopher Higgs, Nellie Haack, Claire Donato, Ravi Shankar, Emily Anderson, Laynie Browne, Jonathan Doherty, Kathleen Jesme, Matina Stamatakis, Mike Young, and Terence Winch--is now live on the web!!!"

I have read through most of the issue. It's sweet. There are some very good prose poems. Nevada is represented at least twice, via mention of Las Vegas and Sparks. Go Nevada.


Anonymous said...

Mike, I'm glad you got these poems from your chapbook published AND alongside Rae Armantrout no less. "We Are All" is probably my favorite but I like all 3.

Mike Young said...

Thanks, Gabe. Pretty much only my friends have seen the chapbook versions, so I feel like they're born all over again in zee mag.

ryan said...

the asian ed harris

Mike Young said...

President Mike Young in the Movies.