see chelsea, i told you i would

I have a lot to type about, many acts of kindness, sustained periods of kindness, to publicly acknowledge and thank.

But first, here is the sum of my trip to California:

If you're taking the Greyhound from Arcata to San Francisco (or vice versa), your meal stop will be in Willits, CA. The bus will stop between a McDonalds and a Taco Bell. You will be dismayed, but if you continue walking up the road past the Taco Bell and some auto repair shop, you will arrive at a Subway. It is possible to get a sandwich from Subway during the half hour meal stop. Much better than Taco Bell or McDonalds.

You're welcome.

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Willie Ziebell said...

Thx, man. That Greyhound lunchtime stop was totally stressing me out.