i am suspending my goiter to post this

Ken Baumann's black-and-white online journal NO POSIT has just released v3. It's a trough of sugary crunch. People included: Noah Cicero, Matthew Simmons, Brandi Wells, Zach German, Matt Savoca, Pete Schwartz, and my new favorite poet Jason Bredle. Plus too I've got a poem in there called "The Trip All Whoppyjawed." Even if you've read the poem before, NO POSIT's formatting changes the line breaks in an interesting way, so it's like a whole new poem.

In other news, no one who ever has funerals at the funeral home next to my house ever looks sad ever.

Thank you Ken and good work! Also you and my friend Ben Kopel should meet because you look like each other. Ben Kopel doesn't look like me; he looks like you. Also, why is that a good reason for two people to meet? I don't know. I'm just a maverick.


Shane Jones said...

i really liked your poem.

Mike Young said...

thank you kind sir!